The only predefine entities in XML are < > &
all others need to be defined in the dtd.
Best thing to do is leave the charatef as is in the xml and only run
htmlentites on the contents when sending the contents to an html web
The xml will happily hold the character as it is.

If you're using the XML Parser functions, you can choose the "target"
character encoding:
      ISO-8859-1 (default)

"Chris Noble" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Ive ran into a stumbling block trying to parse an xml document. I control
> the parsing and the creation of the xml document so I can do any changes
> from either side of it. Problem I have run into is my xml document has a 
> in it. Ive ran htmlentities on it and it converts it to &eacute; but
> everytime I try and run xml parse on that I get the error code of
> entity at line 108". Has anyone ran into this problem before or know a
> solution to handle these issues?
> Chris Noble

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