Hi all,

  I was sure I saw something like this on this list one month ago. But I
search for like dozens of word combination to find this post (or anything
related to), and was unsuccesful.

  Anyone has a quick snippet that will scan a bunch of text characters and
return the links as an array element?

  Something like:

text to search:
776">Proprietário que retoma imóvel negociado responde pelas despesas
condominiais atrasadas</a> <a
775">Ouro Preto garante no STJ o recebimento de parcela de ICMS da Vale do
Rio Doce</a>

And it could return:
$array = Array();
$array[] =
$array[] =

  Thanks a lot, and again sorry if this is a duplicated question, but I
really did not find.


Julio Nobrega

Don't eat the yellow snow.

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