Little problem with MySQL 3.23.46 under Windows ME. I'm trying to create 
a database from an .sql file (the dumped remains of a functioning 
database--also MySQL). The dumping was easy, but I'm having a problem 
putting it back. I have a dumped file called smarts.sql that starts this 

# MySQL dump 8.14
# Host: localhost    Database: smarts
# Server version        3.23.38

# Table structure for table 'about'

   id smallint(5) unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment,
   lang char(2) default NULL,
   recordname varchar(40) default NULL,
   key1 tinytext,
   key2 tinytext,
   status varchar(10) default NULL,
   title tinytext,
   par1 tinytext,
   PRIMARY KEY  (id)

# Dumping data for table 'about'

INSERT INTO about VALUES (1,'en','about'
-----------(and so on)

This is what I'm doing to try to recreate the database locally:

1. I type "mysqladmin create smarts"

OK--I see a new directory called "smarts" (no files in it)

2. I type "mysql smarts < smarts.sql"

It pauses for a few seconds (seeming to input the file), then returns 
the DOS prompt with no message, error or otherwise. Seems to have 
worked, right? But when I check the 'smarts' database directory, there 
are no files in it. (Incidentally mysqld is running.)

What am I doing wrong??


René Fournier

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