I have a slight design problem. I have some form values (user details) which I want to 
pass to a web page which is two pages away. I.e. I have the variables as hidden values 
in a form (username, address, password etc) and the user submits these and cc details. 
If the credit card processing centre gives a yes answer to processing the cc 
transaction the address details are added to the db   if not they are lost. At present 
the cc script is a single include on a blank page which runs for a couple of seconds 
and then the user is transferred to a success or failure page depending on the cc 
transaction processing companies answer. 

Problem is how do I maintain state of the users address... values for the two pages.  

1. make them session- global values which seems a bit overkill
2. Make the cc an include and post back to itself.
3. Is it possible to have a hidden form which runs itself so carrying the form values 
to the final page.

I am sure there is a simple answer and thanks in advance. Hope I have explained it OK.


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