The easiest way is to use cookies.
require 'auth_functions.php';
if (authenticateUser($form_username, $form_password)){
} else {

This code takes in input from a form as simple as this:
<form name="form1" method="post" action="index.php">
  Login: <input type="text" name="form_username"><br>
  <input type="password" name="form_password"> <br>
  <input type="submit" name="Submit" value="Login">
Checks it against the database values using the function 'authenticateUser',
returns TRUE or FALSE.
If true, sends the user onto the correct page, if false, sends them to some
error page.

Now, in each other file, you'll need to check the cookies.  The values for
the cookies are sent automatically by the user's browser.  In this
particular examples, the cookie variables are named '$cookie_user' and
'$cookie_passwd'.  You can see in the example how those are set.

You will check the cookies using the exact same 'authenticateUser' function.
Except in these files, you will use the cookie values as the parameters to
the function instead of the form values.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,

Jeremy Reed

"Mark Ward" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I've got a mySQL database with usernames and passwords. What's the best
> to allow authorized users to enter my site? I'm having some problems using
> the forms properly, they've always been my achilles heel when it comes to
> web programming. Any help is appreciated.
> Mark Ward

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