or you could use:

At 01:08 PM 12/10/01 -0500, Jeremy Reed wrote:
>The easiest way is to use cookies.
>require 'auth_functions.php';
>if (authenticateUser($form_username, $form_password)){
>    setcookie("cookie_passwd",$form_password);
>    setcookie("cookie_user",$form_username);
>    header("Location:http://$SERVER/index2.php";);
>    exit();
>} else {
>This code takes in input from a form as simple as this:
><form name="form1" method="post" action="index.php">
>   Login: <input type="text" name="form_username"><br>
>   Password:
>   <input type="password" name="form_password"> <br>
>   <input type="submit" name="Submit" value="Login">
>Checks it against the database values using the function 'authenticateUser',
>returns TRUE or FALSE.
>If true, sends the user onto the correct page, if false, sends them to some
>error page.
>Now, in each other file, you'll need to check the cookies.  The values for
>the cookies are sent automatically by the user's browser.  In this
>particular examples, the cookie variables are named '$cookie_user' and
>'$cookie_passwd'.  You can see in the example how those are set.
>You will check the cookies using the exact same 'authenticateUser' function.
>Except in these files, you will use the cookie values as the parameters to
>the function instead of the form values.
>Hope this helps.
>Best regards,
>Jeremy Reed
>"Mark Ward" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> > I've got a mySQL database with usernames and passwords. What's the best
> > to allow authorized users to enter my site? I'm having some problems using
> > the forms properly, they've always been my achilles heel when it comes to
> > web programming. Any help is appreciated.
> >
> > Mark Ward
> >
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