* J. Heffner ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [Dec 10. 2001 20:06]:

> I need to write a script that will stuff the names of all the files 
> in a directory into an array, which I can then use for some 
> adminstrative processing. Seems easy enough:
> exec ("ls", $fileArray, $isComplete);
> This will run fine if I call the php file containing this code from 
> bash (using the php cgi), but not if I use it inside a php file 
> accessed via the web server. I'm running apache with suexec enabled 
> on a Redhat Linux box.
> Looking in the error log revealed the following error:
> /ls: No such file or directory

It is possible that your (host's?) server has safe_mode enabled and 
you or someone else has set safe_mode_exec_dir. Just a guess.


 -Brian Clark

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