You could use "\r\n" (or combinations thereof) as others have mentioned, 
but just to save you some frustration, make sure you don't put quotation 
marks around the chr(13) if that regex, otherwise you'll be looking for the 
literal string "chr(13)" and not what you'd expect, i.e. what the function 
chr() returns when given 13 as an argument.


Phantom wrote:

> I solicit information from a text field and save the data in mysql to be
> pulled out later and displayed as text on a webpage.
> However, Carrage Returns in the text field do not appear in the webpage
> text.
> With ereg_replace() I can replace the Carriage Returns with  "\n", so
> what is this the character I need to find in the text field to replace?
>  chr(13) ???
> ereg_replace("chr(13)", "\n", $TextFieldData) ????????
> Thanks.

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