Why are we wasting time and bandwidth? The small oval is fine.

If you want to waste time - why an animal? Use a flower, say a peony, to 
symbolize the blossoming richness and continued growth of PHP.  Here's a 
bouquet, lifted from www.flowerbud.com ... no I shouldn't do that, here's a 
link instead:http://www.flowerbud.com/images/flowers/peony-mix.jpg

Cheers - Miles

PS Doesn't MySQL.com have dolphin ... whale ... porpoise -- whatever that 
leaping aquatic creature is?

At 03:34 PM 12/11/2001 -0500, Joshua Hoover wrote:
>How about a Beaver?  They're small, fast, and efficient.
>Joshua Hoover
> > How about a porpoise.  They're fast, intelligent, and as Lewis Carol said,
> > "you shouldn't go anywhere without a porpoise."
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