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On Thursday 13 Dec 2001 5:45 pm, Jim Lucas wrote:
> the site that I design for has converted all of the echo""; print()  and
> any other printing function of php into a simple breakout into HTML.
> ie:
> <?
> for($i=0;$i<10;$i++)
> {
>     ?>We have done <?=$i?> loop.<?
> }
> ?>
> We have done performance testing on most everything that can be done out
> put and include()/require() stuff.  If you would like information on the
> performance results I might be able to round up some of the data. It is
> faster and cleaner.
> Jim Lucas
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> From: "René Fournier" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Sent: Tuesday, November 13, 2001 9:05 AM
> Subject: [PHP] Performance
> Is it true that mixing HTML and PHP--switching back and forth with
> <?php ?>  tags--slows down performance? (I'm using PHP4.) Is it better
> to echo output than to drop out of PHP mode?
> And concerning database connections, my ISP asks that I always close a
> MySQL connection with a mysql_close()--which I can understand. But I'm
> curious, if I have to make, say, 10 SELECTs throughout a page (in the
> header, body, and footer), is it perhaps faster to use the mysql_close()
> at the very end of the page (in the bottom of the In other
> words, is there any disadvantage performance-wise (or stability reason)
> to open and immediately thereafter close mysql connections?
> Can anyone recommend an article or two on coding techniques for
> improving PHP and MySQL performance? I don't wan to spend the rest of my
> life optimizing my php code, but if I knew a few basic rules about its
> performance characteristics, I might be able to make better decisions
> when coding. Thanks.
> ...Rene
> ---
> René Fournier,

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