The problem with that is giving feedback to the user. If you're busy 
generating a string to display to the user and the mysql server is 
running slow, or for whatever reason, the user is looking at a blank 
page until the process is completed entirely, then they have all the 
data dumped on them at once.

For someone on a modem, this is a bad thing, because first they're 
waiting for the page to be created, then they're waiting for the data to 

I've always been taught by people who have been working in this industry 
for years (even back in my ASP days) that it's always best to send data 
to the user's browser as soon as possible.


Dan McCullough wrote:

> Here is one thing that I do, of course there is 50 ways you can do anything.
> All coding, well 90% of the PHP is done in the head, all output in coposed in 
>variables, and
> outputted through the code.  All SQL is done there as well, and an mysql close is 
>done at the end
> of that area.  If there is any logic in the where the html is, its smallish if else 
> Small example.
> <?
> all php logic.
> $sql = "";
> $cat_output = "<table><tr>"
> while ($category = mysql($result)) {
> $cat_output .= "<td>".$category['name']."</td>";
> }
> $cat_output = "</tr></table>"
> $sql = "";
> if () {
> $subcat_output .= "";
> } else {
> $subcat_output .= "";
> }
> $sql = "";
> $sql = "";
> $sql = "";
> mysql_close();
> ?>
> <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">
> <html>
> <head>
>       <title>Untitled</title>
> </head>
> <body>
> <?print $cat_output; ?>
> </body>
> </html>
> Something a little like that
> --- René_Fournier <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>Is it true that mixing HTML and PHP--switching back and forth with 
>><?php ?>  tags--slows down performance? (I'm using PHP4.) Is it better 
>>to echo output than to drop out of PHP mode?
>>And concerning database connections, my ISP asks that I always close a 
>>MySQL connection with a mysql_close()--which I can understand. But I'm 
>>curious, if I have to make, say, 10 SELECTs throughout a page (in the 
>>header, body, and footer), is it perhaps faster to use the mysql_close() 
>>at the very end of the page (in the bottom of the In other 
>>words, is there any disadvantage performance-wise (or stability reason) 
>>to open and immediately thereafter close mysql connections?
>>Can anyone recommend an article or two on coding techniques for 
>>improving PHP and MySQL performance? I don't wan to spend the rest of my 
>>life optimizing my php code, but if I knew a few basic rules about its 
>>performance characteristics, I might be able to make better decisions 
>>when coding. Thanks.
>>René Fournier,
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