Hey, love the colors! But that's a regular ant. Where's the catch twist
exclusive hidden feature? It's an ant, but ain't no ant like other ant :-)

  I don't know, usually when something common can be found on a design
there's a little mod added.

  Did you draw it? On 1024 video resolution looks real great :-) Really, I
liked the colors. :-)


Julio Nobrega.

Um dia eu chego lá:

Ajudei? Salvei? Que tal um presentinho?

"Dan McCullough" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Go here and take a look for a first pass, first idea of what an ant might
look like.
> http://www.heathermccullough.com/php_logo.gif
> This logo keeps the original familiar (like some wanted) and adds an
"industrial" appeal.
> Please feedback.
> dan mccullough
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