Nope - just opens a new window.

Of course, personally, I'd like to take those people who turn off the
toolbars and back buttons and whatevers on _my_ windows and put them in a
speeding car down some highway with no brakes, no steering, a locked down
accelerator, and no door handles ... "hey, buddy, what's the problem? No
controls? But the radio works just fine, and that's all I'm gonna give 'ya
to play with ... we know best."

mark C.

> From: Mehmet Kamil ERISEN [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> that's a great point.  Can you specify the target browser
> properties using html?
> Lise the Location bar, or the toolbar?
> I was actually using little popups with jscript. If I can
> get rid of JS that would be great.
> --- Mark Charette <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > I would use "target="_blank" in the anchor tag  so it
> > would work just fine
> > _without_ javascript ...

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