Generally, I agree with you.  Sometimes a small, no-controls window can be 
useful, though, if all it is is a spinoff form that closes as soon as it 
passes data to a CGI-script.

At 03:00 PM 12/14/2001, Mark Charette wrote:
>Nope - just opens a new window.
>Of course, personally, I'd like to take those people who turn off the
>toolbars and back buttons and whatevers on _my_ windows and put them in a
>speeding car down some highway with no brakes, no steering, a locked down
>accelerator, and no door handles ... "hey, buddy, what's the problem? No
>controls? But the radio works just fine, and that's all I'm gonna give 'ya
>to play with ... we know best."

Richard S. Crawford
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"It is only with the heart that we see rightly; what is essential is 
invisible to the eye."  --Antoine de Saint Exupéry

"Push the button, Max!"

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