Daniele Baroncelli wrote:

> Hello,
> I would like to restyle one big site in XML and I would like some brief
> straight info/suggestions.
> I am definitely interested in DOM XML, but as far as I can understand, the
> module is still experimental and there to main risks:
> - The module is not completely stable
> - The functions are likely to change
> Are you able to confirm me these?

You are right about this.
But please use it and report bugs if you find one.
The more users, it will be more stable quickly.

Please also try latest snapshot for experimental modules/functions.

> As an alternative, it seems the only safe way to develop XML in PHP is by
> using the Expat module.
> Is this your view too?

I would say yes, but you may experience problem(s).

> In any case, are you able to indicate some good web references for XML in
> PHP ?

I don't know this one ;)

Yasuo Ohgaki

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