I have a couple of questions before I get to my problem.

   1. Is there any documentation that explains the differences between
the versions of PHP?

  2. Does it matter when writing php code that you specifiy the file
name in the following
       manner?  test.php3  test.php4 or whatever.  I'm assumming this is
version specific.

  My Problem:

   I have the following code:

# more headlines*

include "include_fns.php3";
include "header.php3";

$conn = db_connect();

$pages_sql = "select * from pages order by code";
$pages_result = mysql_query($pages_sql, $conn);

while ($pages = mysql_fetch_array($pages_result)) {

  $story_sql = "select * from stories
                where page = '$pages[code]'
                and published is not null
                order by published desc";
  $story_result = mysql_query($story_sql, $conn);
  if (mysql_num_rows($story_result)) {
    $story = mysql_fetch_array($story_result);
    print "<TABLE BORDER=0 WIDTH=400>";
    print "<TR>";
    print "<TD ROWSPAN=2 WIDTH=100>";
    if ($story[picture])
      print "<IMG SRC=\"resize_image.php?image=$story[picture]\">";
    print "</TD>";
    print "<TD>";
    print "<H3>$pages[description]</H3>";
    print $story[headline];
    print "</TD>";
    print "</TR>";
    print "<TR><TD ALIGN=RIGHT>";
    print "<A HREF=\"page.php3?page=$pages[code]\">";
    print "<FONT SIZE=1>Read more $pages[code] ...</FONT>";
    print "</A>";
    print "</TABLE>";

include "footer.php3";

I have the following error:

Fatal error: Call to unsupported or undefined function include_once() in
include_fns.php3 on line 7

It seems to me that include_once is a legal function but I can't the
orgination of this funtion other
than that stupid include_fns.php3 file? Any ideas on this.


OS: Solaris 2.8 10/00 on Intel Hardware.
Apache: 1.3.9
PHP: 3.0.15
mysql: 3.23.46

My ISP is running:

OS: Irix 6.4
Apache: 1.3.9
PHP: 3.0.9
mysql: 3.22.23b

I do appreciate any help on this.

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