I have a huge project I am in the midst of developing (something similar to
www.allmusicguide.com except exclusively for Metal/Hard Rock). I have set up
my MySQL tables/PHP code for the most part. My question is 2 part:

Of you all, do you use a GUI platform such as MySQL Manager or MySQLGUI,
etc. or do you hard core it via Telnet and command line?

Secondly, I hope I can explain this easy enough.... Comparing to like Access
DB... you know if you have multiple tables, you can take one table... put in
your data... then in subsequent tables... you can set it up so that certain
fields create dropdowns and "display" the data from the first table's field,
so that you don't have to use any guesswork and so that if you change the
data in the first table, it updates subsequent other tables (I hope that
makes sense). Is there anythin in/for MySQL that acts like that? I have read
up on the "join table" command in MySQl but that isn't exactly what I am
referring to. Any help/knowledge on this appreciated!

Pretty much... I have around 12 tables or so.. band, album, producers,
logos, etc.. and I have recurring fields between themm such as a field
called "bandname". I am just looking to see if I have to manually add this
field's data to it or if there is a solution to "tie" these other tables to
one source table. thanks!


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