Let me add that I do currently use PHPMyAdmin. As cool as it is I juts want
to see what others are using to make sure I am not missing out on anything!


"Deron" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I have a huge project I am in the midst of developing (something similar
> www.allmusicguide.com except exclusively for Metal/Hard Rock). I have set
> my MySQL tables/PHP code for the most part. My question is 2 part:
> Of you all, do you use a GUI platform such as MySQL Manager or MySQLGUI,
> etc. or do you hard core it via Telnet and command line?
> Secondly, I hope I can explain this easy enough.... Comparing to like
> DB... you know if you have multiple tables, you can take one table... put
> your data... then in subsequent tables... you can set it up so that
> fields create dropdowns and "display" the data from the first table's
> so that you don't have to use any guesswork and so that if you change the
> data in the first table, it updates subsequent other tables (I hope that
> makes sense). Is there anythin in/for MySQL that acts like that? I have
> up on the "join table" command in MySQl but that isn't exactly what I am
> referring to. Any help/knowledge on this appreciated!
> Pretty much... I have around 12 tables or so.. band, album, producers,
> logos, etc.. and I have recurring fields between themm such as a field
> called "bandname". I am just looking to see if I have to manually add this
> field's data to it or if there is a solution to "tie" these other tables
> one source table. thanks!
> Deron
> www.metalages.com

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