Hi there,

Just wondering if there is any plans for more work on the PHP OO features,
and/or the parser in relation to these features.  Generally I find the PHP
OO features to be quite useful, but there is some major limitations which
often frustrate me at times, for example:

$result = $object->method()->returnedObject->anotherMethod();

That won't work with PHP as it is now.  Instead, you'd have to do this:

$returnedObject = $object->method();

$result = $returnedObject->anotherMethod();


Seems like a simple annoyance, right?  Well some code I'm working on would
work best like this:


Instead, all you can do is this:

$result = $object->getSomething();

$result = $result->getSomething();

$result = $result->getSomething();


Again, not good.  :(

Another thing is multiple inheritance, or 'implementing' an object, rather
than extending just one.  Like this:

class Foo extends Bar implements Eep


Foo is a subclass of Bar, but *uses* the methods/attributes of Eep.

Yeah, I know, PHP is not at heart an OO language, but I really LIKE PHP!  I
don't want to use JSP or something because I think Java is slow and over
complicated.  So, is there any chance that these features could be added in
the future at some stage?  Please?  ;)



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