include() will not handel ssl. include() on a remote site obv. will not
transer access to the variables to the remote site.

your best bet is to encode your session, session_encode(), and either store
it in a common mysql table that both servers have access to (best method) or
to pass it in the url to the ssl site, if this is done then you have to
treat your session data as if it were cookie data, dont trust it.


  Chris Lee

"Jordan" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> hello all,
> Two questions
> 1) Is it possible to pass a session to another server?  I'm creating a
> secure order form for a shopping cart but the ssl service of my provider
> on a different server.  Is there anyway to carry a users session over to
> this box?
> 2) If it is not possible to carry a there anyway I could
> include this page on the ssl server into my main server from my host?  If
> could do an include I could continue the session and use it's stored
> variables.
> Thank you for the help.
> -Jordan

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