Turn that off in the browser print setup dialog. Alternately, there may be 
a Javascript function to do that, but if I was a user I would not be happy 
if code in a page messed with my settings.

Remember PHP is server-side, not client side.


At 10:21 AM 12/19/2001 -0700, Ye Tun wrote:
>I am not sure if this is common question.  I am just starting to write php
>code and I found one problem with printing.   If my php server is sitting
>on 5th floor of our network and staff at 1st floor want to print the
>page without those URL and header included in the printout (just like
>printing invoice out of the intranet) at the printer directly connected to
>his/er client computer, how can I write php code for that?  What function
>should I use.?
>Ye Tun
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