unset will unset a varialbe.  In the case I had I used to make sure that
my $subAry was being unset before using it (I use it several places since
several sections had sub sections).

And yes, you can nest this as deep as you want since it is really just a
tree.  You start at the top and walk all the way down...

And yes, you could generate a navbar (or breadcrumbing).  As you walk the
tree just append the name to say $breadcrumb and then you'd have it.


On Wed, 19 Dec 2001, Martin Hughes wrote:

> Thank you!
> What is the point of using "unset" here (sorry - newbie question I know but
> I'm learning all the time :o))
> Is it possible therefore to create more than 2 levels this way? If my
> heirachy goes 3 or 4 levels deep in some places? And could I also get a
> navbar to be generated dynamically from it (on my site the <title> of the
> page, <heading 1>, the <alt> text for the heading image, and the nav bar
> entry will all be the same, with the exception of the <title> also having
> the other levels in it, for example (3 levels deep):
> <title>The Music of Les Miserables | Synthesizers | Korg Triton</title>
> Thanks,
> Martin
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