Why don't you give us a code snippet so we know how you are trying to do it.


Tomasz Jachimczak <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I am coming from an asp background, and am used to setting session
> very easily, but I cannot work them out here with all the different
> commands.
> I would like to store in a session variable output from a mysql db (Got
> db bit working fine) but cannot for the life of me store or retrieve
> anything from a session variable.
> (more information if required)
> I am retreiving user information from a database after verification, and
> would like to place certain feilds into a session variable for easy
> access/retreival. I can get the information out of the database, but
> place it into any sort of variable that will store on the page.
> I have the latest official PHP, running with IIS on a Windows 2K server
> IIS.
> More questions to follow no doubt,
> Thanks in advance,
> - Tomasz

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