At 01:53 AM 12/21/2001 +1100, Tomasz Jachimczak wrote:
>I am retreiving user information from a database after verification, and
>would like to place certain feilds into a session variable for easy
>access/retreival. I can get the information out of the database, but cannot
>place it into any sort of variable that will store on the page.

Why would you want to?  If the information you need is available in your 
database, why not query the database for it on each page you need to 
reference this data?  It seems kind of strange to me to take data you have 
in one server-side information store (the db) and move it into another (a 
server-side session cookie)...the overhead to get the info out should be 
the same both ways.

Now that is assuming that you aren't already using session variables for 
something else.  If you are then I could understand a little better.

Either way, you'll need to provide a few more details about what you've 
tried and what your experiences have been before anyone will be able to 
help you...  You haven't really described your problem beyond saying that 
you cannot get it to work.  Have you registered your variable with 
session_register()?  Have you started the session with session_start() on 
the pages you need to access this variable?

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