I'm installing php from source and I've run into these config errors:

configure: error: Cannot find OpenSSL's <evp.h>
/usr/local/bin/config_php: --with-kerberos=/usr/krb5-1.2.2: No such file or 
/usr/local/bin/config_php: --with-ldap=/usr/local/openldap-2.0.18: No such 
file or directory

Here's my config script:

cd /usr/local/php
./configure --with-apache=/usr/src/redhat/SOURCES/apache \
--with-openssl=/usr/share/doc/openssl \
--with-kerberos=/usr/krb/ \
--with-imap-ssl=/usr/share/doc/openssl \
--with-ldap=/usr/local/openldap/ \
exit 0

I've also tried the *openssl* part pointing to /usr/include/openssl which 
is where evp.h lives. Why these bizarre errors when the pointers point to 
files that exist?

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