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>* Ben Ocean ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [Dec 22. 2001 11:54]:
> > Well, that got me headed in the right direction. I ended up combining all
> > the commands on one line and removing the references to openssl (I'll mess
> > with that later) and it worked. I have no_idea why...
>If you installed openssl from something like an rpm or deb package, you
>may need to get the -dev version which contains all the libraries
>configure is looking for. You may only have the shared libraries and
>configure is looking for the header files, etc. If you install those,
>configure might properly pick up openssl.

Yeah, I know. It's not an urgent matter, but I'll probably do with that 
what I'm doing with php and mysql, etc.: rip out the rpms (rpm -e) and 
install from source with my own config files, then symlink openssl-whatever 
openssl. Just so much more control that way :))

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