On Friday 21 December 2001 08:56 pm, Daniel Guerrier wrote:
> Does anyone have any experience using this thing.
> I installed it and it seems to work, but it's very
> buggy.

Yes, I've used it fairly extensively.  I haven't found it to be nearly as 
buggy as your message implies.  It's not perfect, but it's certainly bug-free 
enough to use on the two live shops I'm running.

> After the first hit the left nav, footer no longer
> appear.  I know this a bad description of the problem
> but there's no rhyme nor reason to this.

I'm guessing you have a config error or something else munged up with your 
PHP installation and/or TEP config file.  TEP is fussy about a few php.ini 
options, such as session_autostart and magic quotes.

Have you tried posting a message to the TEP-GENERAL list?  It's probably a 
better resource for TEP-specific questions.


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