* Todd Cary ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [Dec 23. 2001 10:42]:

> I am quite new to the Linux environment and do not have experience with
> "make" files.  The platform is RH Linux 7.2 with the included Apache and
> the PHP rpm, "php-devel-4.0.4pl1-9.i386.rpm".  I need someone to give me
> the step by step process of creating a version of Apache that will
> process PHP extensions.

That's a tall order without knowing exactly what's what with your 
system. :-)

> Many thanks..........


Which isn't exactly what you want..

And see the comments here:


I can tell you that you will have problems. It's all a part of the
learning process. No two systems are likely to be the same when it comes
to installing this stuff.

The RPMs with -devel aren't the precompiled "Ready made" executables.

These may also help:


I would suggest learning to install all of this stuff from source
archives, rather than depending on RPMs, for the first time.

I know all of the above is kinda spotty, but I hope it gets you started.

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