Hi Todd:

There is an extremely good book for what you need.  It's called "PHP:  Fast
and easy web development" by Julie C. Meloni (PrimaTech publishers).

The first three chapters cover installation of MySQL, Apache Web Server, and
PHP -- in that order, and with emphasis on configuring them to all work
together.  It gives very easy, step-by-step instructions for both Windows
and Linux environment.  You can't go wrong with these instructions.

You might find it at a library, or you can always find it in a book store.

Good luck!!!


"Todd Cary" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I am quite new to the Linux environment and do not have experience with
> "make" files.  The platform is RH Linux 7.2 with the included Apache and
> the PHP rpm, "php-devel-4.0.4pl1-9.i386.rpm".  I need someone to give me
> the step by step process of creating a version of Apache that will
> process PHP extensions.
> Many thanks..........
> Todd
> --
> Todd Cary
> Ariste Software

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