I am trying to get my php-scripts to work using flash 5 and with cookies
disabled in the users browser.

At first I pass SID to flash and than I can call my php-scripts by passing
the SID back to PHP using loadvariables and get method, this works fine.

The problem is when I pass it to a php-page and than pass it to a second

The url string looks like this on php-page (sent from flash5):
>From mypage.php3 I pass sid using ".SID." than on second page the string is
changed to:

"=" has changed to "%3D". and php does not recognice the session.

part of code on mypage.php3:
<form action=\"http://myserver.com/second.php3?\"; method=\"get\">
<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"SID\" value=\"".SID."\">

Thanks for any help.

Jan Grafström
Lillemans Hus AB
46 (0)611-60920
46 (0)70-6409073

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