* Jan Grafström ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [Dec 25. 2001 10:41]:

> The url string looks like this on php-page (sent from flash5):
> mypage.php3?SID=PHPSESSID=193a33f9b7421c17302d1bd58478b20b?.
> >From mypage.php3 I pass sid using ".SID." than on second page the string is
> changed to:
> second.php3?SID=PHPSESSID%3D193a33f9b7421c17302d1bd58478b20b&var3=1.

> "=" has changed to "%3D". and php does not recognice the session.

> part of code on mypage.php3:
> <form action=\"http://myserver.com/second.php3?\"; method=\"get\">
> <input type=\"hidden\" name=\"SID\" value=\"".SID."\">

I'm sure you meant for that line to be:

<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"SID\" value=\"".$SID."\">

Right? (note the $) Eventhough I don't think that has anything to do
with your problem.

> Thanks for any help.

Why are you using SID=PHPSESSID= instead of just SID=? If you
absolutely have to leave it the way you have it, you could always
explode('%3D',$SID); to get the correct session ID.

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