Ikonboard has a very nice interface and I know that its very popular but, as
you thought, it is CGI based.
I've never managed to get it working - maybe because I couldnt get Active
Perl working properly (well, it was a 25MHz 486 with 8Mb RAM!!).
If you're more into PHP I'd go with phpbb as you'd find it easier to tinker
around with to get it looking how you wanted.

"Indera" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hello,
> I am trying to decide between these two scripts and was wondering if
anyone has either of them
> installed. The one thing I need that I can't figure out if either of them
have is whether or not, I
> can hide categories (that contain the forums and topics) on the category
page and based on a users
> log-in have them enabled. If that is not possible is it possible to create
2 category pages and
> store them in one database, (hosting company only allows one instance of a
forum script to be
> installed) one for the forums that everyone that comes to my site can see
and another category page
> that will actually only be available in the restricted members only page.
> If it helps, here are the links
> http://www.phpbb.com and http://www.ikonboard.com
> I think I prefer the phpbb forum because ikonboard uses cgi scripts, or it
least that's what it
> looks like.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks
> Indera

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