Never thought I'd see this pop on here :)  As mentined before, Ikonboard is
in fact Perl and up until recently was only flatfile.  Another you may want
to try is (PHP/mySQL combo)

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From: "Indera" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Sent: Tuesday, December 25, 2001 4:49 PM
Subject: [PHP] phpbb and ikonboard forum scripts

> Hello,
> I am trying to decide between these two scripts and was wondering if
anyone has either of them
> installed. The one thing I need that I can't figure out if either of them
have is whether or not, I
> can hide categories (that contain the forums and topics) on the category
page and based on a users
> log-in have them enabled. If that is not possible is it possible to create
2 category pages and
> store them in one database, (hosting company only allows one instance of a
forum script to be
> installed) one for the forums that everyone that comes to my site can see
and another category page
> that will actually only be available in the restricted members only page.
> If it helps, here are the links
> and
> I think I prefer the phpbb forum because ikonboard uses cgi scripts, or it
least that's what it
> looks like.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks
> Indera

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