I have problem in that my webpage in which I use sessions and MySql gives
a "warning paged expired" error when the user presses "back" button on the
browser.  Basically, the function of the webpages will be to store user
enquiries in the Mysql database until the user presses a "send email
enquiry" button in which afterwards the accumulated enquiries (recognized
by the sessionid) of the session will be sent to the relevant person.  The
pages are modularized.  All of the pages start off by "including" a
"sessions.php" which has the following:

$connection = mysql_connect("localhost", "root", "password") or die
("Couldn't connection to database");
$db = mysql_select_db("micromotor", $connection) or die
("Couldn't select database.");

The pages also "include" a form.php file which has the following to enter
data into the Mysql database.  A few lines from this file are as follows:

$insert_sql = "INSERT INTO test VALUES('$sessionid', '$modelno', '$qty',
'$purpose', '$comments', $date')";
mysql_query($insert_sql) or die ("could not insert records");

After I enter information into the form , I find that if I want to use the
"back" button on the browser, the browser displays a "warning page
expired".  Then I have to press "back" one more time before I can get to
the page that I want.

I was wondering am I registering my sessions id the wrong way?



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