This has nothing to do with mysql or sessions.  Your form is sent using the
POST method.  For security reasons, browsers (by default) will not resend
POST information to a page when you hit the back button.


Php Guy <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi,
> I have problem in that my webpage in which I use sessions and MySql gives
> a "warning paged expired" error when the user presses "back" button on the
> browser.  Basically, the function of the webpages will be to store user
> enquiries in the Mysql database until the user presses a "send email
> enquiry" button in which afterwards the accumulated enquiries (recognized
> by the sessionid) of the session will be sent to the relevant person.  The
> pages are modularized.  All of the pages start off by "including" a
> "sessions.php" which has the following:
> session_start();
> $connection = mysql_connect("localhost", "root", "password") or die
> ("Couldn't connection to database");
> $db = mysql_select_db("micromotor", $connection) or die
> ("Couldn't select database.");
> ?>
> The pages also "include" a form.php file which has the following to enter
> data into the Mysql database.  A few lines from this file are as follows:
> else
> {
> $insert_sql = "INSERT INTO test VALUES('$sessionid', '$modelno', '$qty',
> '$purpose', '$comments', $date')";
> mysql_query($insert_sql) or die ("could not insert records");
> After I enter information into the form , I find that if I want to use the
> "back" button on the browser, the browser displays a "warning page
> expired".  Then I have to press "back" one more time before I can get to
> the page that I want.
> I was wondering am I registering my sessions id the wrong way?
> Thanks.
> Peter

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