The function mysql_select_db set the db for one
or for all link identifiers?

The table my_table is in db1 but the active database
seems to be test on link #8.

Here the result with PHP 4.1.0 and MySQL 3.23.41-log:
mysql_pconnect() id1=Resource id #8
mysql_select_db(db1,Resource id #8)
mysql_pconnect() id2=Resource id #9
mysql_select_db(test,Resource id #9)
mysql_query(select * from my_table,Resource id #8)
failed: Table 'test.my_table' doesn't exist

Here the source:
                die("<br>mysql_pconnect() failed: ".mysql_error());
        echo "<br>mysql_pconnect() id1=$id1";

                die("<br>mysql_select_db($db1,$id1) failed:
        echo "<br>mysql_select_db($db1,$id1)";

                echo "<br>mysql_pconnect() failed: ".mysql_error();
        echo "<br>mysql_pconnect() id2=$id2";

                die("<br>mysql_select_db($db2,$id2) failed:
        echo "<br>mysql_select_db($db2,$id2)";

        $sql='select * from my_table';
                die("<br>mysql_query($sql,$id1) failed:

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