I am having a problem testing out the use of cookies.  I'm using a 
tutorial from Wrox's "Beginning PHP4".  It seems that I'm doing 
everything correctly, but when I try to access the page in my browser, I 
am not prompted as to whether or not I'd like to accept a cookie (which 
is something that I have configured my browser for), nor do the values 
that I assigned to the cookies show up in the test variables that I 
included on the page for just this purpose.  In other words, I'm not 
sure that the setcookie() functions are working -- the variables that I 
set using "setcookie()" don't seem to be turning up on the page, but the 
standard form-based variables that I used (as values in the setcookie() 
function) turn up just fine.

Do I need to have my web server specially configured for using cookies?  
I don't see anything in httpd.conf about this.

My setup is as follows:

Darwin 1.4.1 on PowerBook G3 (Bronze edition, no firewire)
Apache 1.3.22
        configured with --enable-module=most --enable-shared=max
        DSOs: mod_dav, mod_hfs_apple, mod_php
                (PHP 4.0.6)

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