Hi list,

I am in a big trouble. My deadline is coming and I couldn't solve my problem
yet! I have this script that outputs a table that can be seen at

$ultletra = '';
$row = '';
while($resultado = $query->dados()) {
    $curletra = $resultado['letra'];
    if($curletra != $ultletra) {
        if (!empty($row)) {
           $row .= "</tr>\n";
            $row .= "<tr>\n<td>\n<img src=\"img/letras/$curletra.gif\"
width=\"24\" height=\"24\">\n</td>\n</tr>\n";
    $row .= "<td><a
    $ultletra = $curletra;
if (!empty($row)) {
   $row .= "<tr>\n";

SQL is:

lcase(left(Nome_Artistico,1)) as letra FROM categorias LEFT JOIN
celebridades ON categorias.CategoriaID=celebridades.Categoria  WHERE
CategoriaID='1' ORDER BY Nome_Artistico

My problem is that I need to modify the script to output a 3 column table. I
have tried everything but nothing works, and I've tried also all url about
PHP that i could found. Please I'll appreciate any help.

Thank's in advance and happy new year to all!!!

Rodrigo Peres (Brazil)

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