I'm using following code:

setlocale(LC_ALL, 'german');
$timestamp = time();
$string = strftime('Heute ist %A, der %d. %B %Y. Sie haben diese Seite 
um %H Uhr %M aufgerufen.', $timestamp); # in english: "today it's %A, 
the %d. %B. %Y. You opened this page at %H:%M."
echo "$string";

Which works nice on my ISP's Server. On my locale OS X Server it seems 
like it wouldn't be able to translate it. I get the correct output but 
in english instead of german. AFAIR I need to have some files to be 
installed on my system for that function to work correct. Does someone 
know where to get those files and where to put them in my system?

best regards
Stefan Rusterholz

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