If you will send a lot of e-mails, I recomend you, that use under the Console:

$rush  nohup php -q file_send_email.php &

The nohup, tell to maquine that don't hang up until finished.

php -q (quiet mode) and the last character (&) for let the process in background.

It's only works on *nix Boxes, I don't think that will work under M$ windows.


At 12:02 PM -0600 27/12/01, Peter wrote:
> > > >Subject:  [PHP] Sending out mass mail without having timeout problems
>Too much trouble to write who wrote what when. Someone suggested using an
>alias but that's not always doable.
>I had an app that read from a live rdbms and sent out emails. I sent each
>email to sendmail and waited fo it to send the email before going on to the
>next one. My cohort determined that this was way, way too slow. He did some
>research and added some new parameters to sendmail so that the email was put
>in a queue and so the script ran MUCH faster.  I believe these were the
>parameters. You should look them up on the sendmail site:
>sendmail -oi -t -odq
>Hope this helps.
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