There's no way that I have found to actually execute a script as a 
specified user, however:


Should tell you what user the web server is running as.


Charlesk wrote:

> I have been looking through the docs and found no help on either finding which user 
>the EXEC'ed commands run as, or how to specify which user they should run as.  I 
>tried exec, system, and passthru running a batch file that would write %USERNAME% to 
>a file.  And all three functions wrote nothing.  They would however write "hello 
>world".  Has anybody else run into this.  
> I tried exec("test.bat");
> test.bat:
> echo %USERNAME% > test.txt
> when run from a command line it resulting in "Charles"
> when run from a webpage it resulted in "ECHO is on."
> if I added a line "echo off" above the echo username it resulted in "ECHO is off." 
>again only from the webpage.
> In essense I need to update a DNS server through a web page.  It works if the script 
>is local but not if it has to update a different server.
> Charles Killmer
> Windows 2000 Server, IIS 5.0, PHP 4.1.0

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