I would like to know if there is a way to get information on the include
hierarchy of files in php, especially to find out where which file is
included and trace back the line from some file until the first called
php file.

My special case here and now is that I get an error that some function
is already declared and cannot be declared again because of this.
I know i must have included the file with that function somewhere
already, but as i have lots of nested includes I have trouble right now
to find the place where ist already happens.
I know I can prevent those things in future by using things as
require_once and so on, and i can search through all the code, making
yself a map on paper to see which file includes what, but what i really
want to know is, if i can ask some function to tell me where the
function which makes the error stated above and from where the file is
included, and from where this file again is include, going as far back
until i have my first-called php file.

I hope you can understand what i mean,


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