Am 28 Dec 2001 14:27:50 +0100 schrieb Jerry Verhoef (UGBI):
> Don't think that a option like this exists.
> But maybe you should consider using 
> include_once or 
> require_once
> Also before you define the function use the function_exist("") and if the
> function already exists don't redecleare it.

That's what I wrote - I know I can use things like that, but I am
curious if there are other ways to find out which file is included by
what and which function is defined in which file - i didn't find answers
about that in the manual.

Meanwhile I found out what the real problem was, namely that a function
was declared inside a function, and the parent function was called
twice, resulting in an error. I think it's generally not recommended to
declare functions inside functions as I see no obvious reason now when
this should be useful, only that it can make things complicated as i saw
right now.(btw: this code does not come from myself, i am just making
additions to it)

So, I am still curious if and how one can trace function definitions and
includes in a convenient way.


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