Dennis Gearon wrote:
> How are the usage stats for these two libraries shaping up?
> Both have advantages, I'm just wondering which one to start my own designs
> around.

That depends on what you want to do. You also should consider other well
thought solutions. If you are looking for a well structured framework
look at BinaryCloud ( http://binarycloud.tigris.org/ ). If you are
looking for a good database abstraction package, look at Metabase (
http://phpclasses.UpperDesign.com/browse.html/package/20 ).

Unlike PEAR-DB and PHPlib, Metabase provides true database independence
to your applications. This means that with Metabase, you do not have to
handle database differences with database specific code in your
applications. For instance, each database may format date fields in
different ways. Metabase assures that all date values that go back and
forth the database are formatted according to the ISO 9601 format
(YYYY-MM-DD), regardless if the underlying database uses that format to
represent dates or some other.

There are other nice features like the ability to install your database
schemas just by defining your tables, fields, indexes and sequences in a
custom XML format that is database independent. Just take a look in the
page above to learn more about it.

Manuel Lemos

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