Mark Charette wrote:
> > From: Manuel Lemos [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> > Unlike PEAR-DB and PHPlib, Metabase provides true database independence
> > to your applications.
> Actually - no. Querys/conformance to specs/sequences/stored procs and more
> are different from DB to DB. While the abstration layers help a little, they
> really don't help a lot.

If you want to write applications that take advantage of things that are
specific to one database, database abastraction layers are of no user to

Although if you give up on some things, you can write database
independent applications making them more maintainable and take less
time to release them letting you reach a broader market. It is a
strategy that may worthy a lot of money if you run a software company.
For instance, Siebel CRM packages AFAIK does not use stored procedures
to be able to reach a wider market in less time.

Anyway, back to PHP database abstraction packages, Metabase abstracts
things that are possible to provide in a portable way, like data type
mapping, and even things that others have been copying like sequences
and limiting the range of rows that are returned by a select query which
are important things for Web development. Metabase also abstracts
database schema installation and maintenance which is a real time saver.

Manuel Lemos

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