Hello Bogdan,

Before anything, thank you!

I've installed Netscape 6.2 on a Linux box and it works just like MS IE.

Just like I told you. The unload event does not work or is called by either
netscape 4.x or konqueror.

But it is called by Netscape 6.2 and MS IE 5.x & 6.x.

I think that JS implementations on those browsers might be quite different.
I wonder how to make the onunload event work on Netscape 4.x and Konqueror.
That's why I thought creating a captureEvents.

Also a good thing would be creating a popup window without the close (X) and
minimize ( _ ) icons since I can only create it without the resize and
maximize buttons. Do you know how to create a java popup window without the
close icon? If it is possible the problem is solved since the only way a
user could close it is by clicking on the link.

Thank you,

Carlos Fernando Scheidecker Antunes.

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The way it looks to me, you do both the window opening sequence and the
procedure twice:
- Window opening: you specify window options (toolbar, status bar etc) once
in the
window.open() call and once in the actual window code;
- Window closing: you perform the same actions once upon clicking on "Close
Update" and once upon actual window closing (via onUnload()).

Try implementing both procedures only once in a way that they're ran by both
of browsers.

AFAIK you don't need to implement any kind of captureEvents, but I may be
about it.

Only now did I read your final paragraph: I think you'd better leave the
onUnload() in place and only window.close() in the link, which should
onUnload(). Hope this works with NS 4.x!

I don't have any clue why closing the pop-up via Windows controls both
trigger onUnload and reloads the parent window -- are you sure you're not
about this? I mean, if it reloads the parent window, doesn't this mean that
onUnload() works?

My suggestion is fiddling with the onUndload() function triggering it via a
(as suggested in the previous message -- with a href="javascript:oldWin()")
you get no error messages when accessing "javascript:" in Netscape. You
tell me -- do you get any more error messages now upon accessing


Carlos Fernando Scheidecker Antunes wrote:

> Hello Bogdan,
> On Microsoft Internet Explorer:
> On Netscape and Konqueror:

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