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On Friday 28 December 2001 09:30 am, rick wrote:
> Dear Members  ,
>                           Does anybody of you have a webserver at home
> using ADSL or other connections ?

The answer is "that depends" For example my telco has me behind their own firewall, 
and the IP number my NIC is seeing is but the outside world sees as Ah, the magic of NAT.

This can be overcome by using one of the, for lack of a better term, IP aliasing 
like dynamicdns.org.  Their software constantly monitors the IP you come from and 
a routing table. Thus someone looking for www.mysite.ca, would first of all be 
directed to them, 
and then to my IP.

If you are fortunate enough to have a fixed IP number, the above is moot.

> If any , could you tell me What would be the acceptable Hardware to run
> 5 or more sites  at home with an
> 256 k ADSL ? (Memory , proccesor , etc etc )

Depends on traffic and what you're serving and the level of traffic. If mostly static 
pages, almost anything from a P100 on up. RAM is always good. Many phone companies
meter traffic and allow only so many free gigabytes permonth, then they start 

If you're not supposed to be running a web server on your connection, that's how 
they'll find you.

> Do I have to have Two Servers ? (The WebServer ) and the Intranet Server
> to access through my computer ?

This is really off  topic for the list, and better addressed through a security site. 
Do a Google
search on "firewall DMZ" and you will find some very comprehensive articles, ranging 
general overviews to specific recommendations.

Generally the stuff at risk is on the web server and beyond, or on, your firewall 
Important stuff is behind the firewall. 
> Would you help me please in a near future with a few questions about how
> to set up and so on .....???

That's not really PHP specific, and would be better addressed on a security or 
list. (Note how apolitical I'm being, not assuming you are using Linux or BSD and 

> Thanks  guys in advance

You're welcome. There is some really good stuff out there.

Miles Thompson

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