I'd bet that behind a 256kbps connection you'll run out of bandwidth
long before you run out of CPU, memory, or disk on any machine that
costs more than about $500USD - but your mileage may vary depending on
your application.  My personal experience is that behind my DSL
connection, I run out of bandwidth far before I run out of CPU and
memory on my PII 233 that's running a reasonably complex web app with 
heavy DB usage.  


On Fri, 2001-12-28 at 05:30, rick wrote:
> Dear Members  ,
>                           Does anybody of you have a webserver at home 
> using ADSL or other connections ?
> If any , could you tell me What would be the acceptable Hardware to run 
> 5 or more sites  at home with an
> 256 k ADSL ? (Memory , proccesor , etc etc )
> Do I have to have Two Servers ? (The WebServer ) and the Intranet Server 
> to access through my computer ?
> Would you help me please in a near future with a few questions about how 
> to set up and so on .....???
> Thanks  guys in advance
> Ricardo

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