Check the value of the upload_tmp_dir php.ini entry.  That's the dir that 
PHP would use for storing uploaded files.  It can be the same as 
session.save_path, but it doesn't have to be...

If it's not set, PHP would use the system-defined TEMP directory, which is 
E:\WINNT\TEMP on your system (apparently).


At 13:33 29/12/2001, Ben Edwards wrote:
>[Sorry if this is a re-post but I have been having some email problems and 
>cant find original in the archive]
>I have a PHP application that is working fine on my Windows 98 system but 
>when I try it on my Windows 2000 setup (which has recently had PHP/MySQL 
>installed) there is a problem.  When I post from a form with a Browse/File 
>field when I check to see if the temp file exists it douse not.  This 
>check is being done in the page being posted to. The strange thing is that 
>the file the varable is set to is something like E:\WINNT\TEMP\phpD4.tmp 
>and I thought PHP used tmp (E:\tmp is where the session data is held).
>Any idea what is wrong.
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