For what it's worth - casting my vote - I would vote that the PHP/Zend people keep 
REGISTER_GLOBALS as an option for one main reason:


Think of how nice it is for the total newbies to be able to have this first tutorial:

<?php print "Hello $myname"; ?>

<form action="<?php print $PHP_SELF; ?>">
what is your name?
<input type="text" name="myname">
<input type="submit" name="submit" value="submit">

Think of how many PHP-CURIOUS people it'd turn off if you could ONLY do it with 

Hell - I *still* have to go to the announcement page to remember the syntax of 
the new type.  It doesn't come naturally.  Nothing like $variablename.

I think the EASE of the form example, above, is what got me into PHP in the first 

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